Cube Autopilot

The (blue / orange / black) Cube flight controller comes pre-installed in every Acecore developer edition drone. It’s an open-source autopilot that is based on the Pixhawk 2.1 project, which has 3 temperature-controlled IMU sensors for redundancy. As standard, the flight controller runs the latest ArduCopter firmware with parameters set to a proper base level. However, the developer can retune the flight controller to alter the drone’s flight characteristics.


Developers may also choose to either run PX4 on the installed Cube or swap out the flight controller entirely and replace it with an Auterion Skynode, Collin Aerospace Piccolo, UAVOS, or any other system they see fit.


Each developers edition drone comes with a 24-channel FrSky X10S transmitter running the ACCESS communication protocol. This remote controller is supplied so users can fly the drone straight out of the box. Developers could choose to swap the Frsky for a Panasonic Toughpad, Hex Herelink, or another controller in a later stage depending on their solution.