Universal Innovation Platform

Acecore Developer has been created to enable developers and integrators from different fields to get a slice of the drone industry’s pie. Without having to build and develop their own UAV from scratch. Acecore has been designing and assembling professional UAS since 2013 and now offers its three platforms to third-party developers


Companies that are active in the field of (payload) cameras, sensors, flight controller software, or artificial intelligence/ autonomy can build upon the tried and true Acecore UAV platforms to eventually distribute their own OEM product. Different engineering support packages are available when things get too complicated along the way.

How it works

Modular Design

The three developer-edition drones that Acecore offers were designed with modularity in mind. Many integral parts are swappable and upgradable. Batteries, landing gears, and entire booms can be interchanged to ensure a future-proof system as the fundament for your innovation. Smaller electronics such as the ESCs and flight controller can be removed and replaced as well to fit your requirements. As part of the special terms & conditions, users are allowed to make these alterations themselves.


Add onto the bare-bone developer drone until you end up with a bespoke solution that you are ready to go to market with as an OEM.


Mounting Options

Sensors, antennas, and microcomputers can all be easily mounted on the drone’s in- and outside. There are different mounting points available, the main one being the internally stabilized Gremsy quick release. The QR is mounted onto the drone using quad wire dampers to cancel out most of the vibrations that occur during flight. This basic stabilization will suffice for applications such as LiDAR and delivery. For absolute stability, using a Gremsy gimbal is advised.


There is enough interior space available to integrate custom hardware such as raspberry pi’s, flight controllers, or other modules. These electronics are cooled by the drone’s active airflow and weather sealed by the carbon fiber monocoque.

Cube Autopilot

The (blue / orange / black) Cube flight controller comes pre-installed in every Acecore developer edition drone. It’s an open-source autopilot that is based on the Pixhawk 2.1 project, which has 3 temperature-controlled IMU sensors for redundancy. As standard, the flight controller runs the latest ArduCopter firmware with parameters set to a proper base level. However, the developer can retune the flight controller to alter the drone’s flight characteristics.


Developers may also choose to either run PX4 on the installed Cube or swap out the flight controller entirely and replace it with an Auterion Skynode, Collin Aerospace Piccolo, UAVOS, or any other system they see fit.


Each developers edition drone comes with a 24-channel FrSky X10S transmitter running the ACCESS communication protocol. This remote controller is supplied so users can fly the drone straight out of the box. Developers could choose to swap the Frsky for a Panasonic Toughpad, Hex Herelink, or another controller in a later stage depending on their solution.


What’s included

  • Developers edition drone, SDK
  • Cube flight controller (installed)
  • FrSky x10s Express
  • Detachable non-retract landing gear
  • Acecore wooden/ aluminium flight case
  • Carbon fiber propeller set

Spare Parts

Things can go wrong when innovating and experimenting with new hardware, software, and parameters. There will be crashes and other misfortunes. For developers, Acecore offers additional spare parts to repair and replace damaged components themselves. Guided by training videos and online support, users will be able to swap out entire pre-fabricated booms to get their developers kit up and running again.


Three different drone platforms that differ in flight time, payload capacity, and redundancy.

Acecore Noa
Developers Edition
Heavy lifting hexacopter with extreme flight times.
Acecore Zoe
Developers Edition
Compact, powerful and efficient quadcopter made to perform.
Acecore Neo
Developers Edition
Weatherproof octocopter for heavy lifting.

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